7 things you can learn from the life of Ruth (Part 5).

Good day people Welcome back to my blog space I hope that you’re keeping well, and are utilising the time which God has given you wisely, whilst learning to totally depend on Him! Sooo as you may or may not know this is part 5 of our 7 part series on the life of Ruth,Continue reading “7 things you can learn from the life of Ruth (Part 5).”

What helps me get through a workout

Good morning PEOPLE I hope you are all well and keeping safe during this pandemic. I believe that during such time’s of trouble greatness is created and birthed (Genesis 50:20 ~ “You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the livesContinue reading “What helps me get through a workout”

Praying for your period-Part 2

So I’m back at you again with another PERIOD POST, as promised 😀! So I’m going to be very real with you, during your menstruation you lose blood, so it is only human and natural to feel more tired than usual, and you may also feel like you do not work to your full capacity.Continue reading “Praying for your period-Part 2”

Praying for your period

I must admit and be openly honest with all my readers that the thought of my period coming would easily stir up emotions of fear within me. Not because of the cramps but because of the fact that I saw this natural occurrence to be an inconvenience. I’d always wonder how I was going toContinue reading “Praying for your period”