When prayer is a struggle

Hey beautiful people, I hope this post meets you well? As you know I love to share from personal experience, which is exactly what I’ll be doing today, and the chosen topic of focus is prayer…. Prayer is one of the KEY aspects of the Christian faith as it is how we communicate with God.Continue reading “When prayer is a struggle”

A useful prayer tip

Hey lovely ladies, how y’all doing?   Today I’m going to cut to the chase, I’m going to share a tip on prayer with you all, which I find to be extremely useful.   Ever had a time in your life where you found praying to be a challenge? Well today I’m going to openlyContinue reading “A useful prayer tip”

Prayer continued (Part 3)

Hellooo beautiful ladies, I hope you are all blessed and well, and I also hope your prayer life is not stagnant but very much flourishing. I thought that I would continue to write a few more messages about prayer, as it is extremely important to keep up a great and constant prayer life. The bibleContinue reading “Prayer continued (Part 3)”