So sister, why aren’t YOU married yet…???


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A useful prayer tip


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Hey lovely ladies, how y’all doing?


Today I’m going to cut to the chase, I’m going to share a tip on prayer with you all, which I find to be extremely useful.


Ever had a time in your life where you found praying to be a challenge? Well today I’m going to openly say that I’ve been through phases in my life where I have literally struggled to pray, and I mean really struggled. I can also tell you that a few of my Christian friends have also found it difficult to pray, at certain points in their life. So if you find yourself in such a dilemma, don’t stress, you are not alone, trust me! I believe that for many Christians, prayer is a vital part of their faith, it’s how they communicate with God. Prayer is something that we should be incorporating into our everyday life, as it is one of the things which keeps us on the straight and narrow. Furthermore, the Bible encourages us to ‘Pray without ceasing’ (Thessalonians 5:17), and also states, that ‘we ought to pray without losing heart’ (Luke 18:1). So then why is prayer so difficult for some of us? Well I can tell you one reason why, and that’s because the devil simply doesn’t want us to pray. He wants to silence us, because he knows that our prayers move mountains. And sometimes I have to remind myself that, by speaking aloud the words ‘I can move mountains from my room’.


Quite often I find that when I want to pray, or whilst I’m praying, that’s when random thoughts start to pop into my head. Distracting thoughts, thoughts which cause me to start to worry and fear etc. Then I start to get frustrated about the fact that my mind is not concentrated on prayer, and spend a lot of time asking God to forgive me for my lack of attentiveness, to the point I’m almost throwing myself a pity party. Then the Spirit moves me, and causes me to rise up, and then I begin to declare the word of God out loud, in order to silence the lies of the enemy.


With fervent communion with God, a solution on how to keep my prayers and mind focused, popped into my head. I’d just like to make it clear that this tip of mine is NOT law, I just thought it would be useful to share with others. It may be of help to some of you, but it does not have to be strictly followed. The practical way in which I found helped give my prayer life a boost, was using the alphabet. I can firmly say that I do not use the alphabet to pray every day, and I have not been doing so lately, but I do believe that it did help refuel my prayer life, for that particularly dry season I was in. My greatest boost came from my number one supporter the Holy Spirit, who constantly encouraged me, and cheered me on during prayer.


I will now go on to sharing an example with you, of how exactly I utilized the alphabet, during my quiet time. (Also if you have kids, or teach children in Sunday school, I believe that this tool would be a great way of teaching them how to pray).

Please see table below.



Prayer point Point beginning with A
A Shop/Business Abercrombie & Finch, Adobe etc.
A Person Anne, Amy, Annie, Arthur, Adam etc.
A fruit Apricot, Apple, Avocado etc.
A country Antarctica, Angola, America, Antigua, Afghanistan etc.
A State/County Arizona (America), Avon (England) etc.
A vegetable Asparagus
An Animal Antelope






Now you may find it strange that I have prayed over things such as fruits, vegetables and wild animals, but God has actually given us authority over His creation (Genesis 1:26). When he placed Adam in the garden of Eden, Adam’s responsibility was to care for that garden, and everything in it (Genesis 2:15). Therefore, I see it as our obligation to pray over the production of our fruits and veg. To pray against famine, and to pray that farmers have a bountiful harvest, because at the end of the day, farming is where we get much of our food from. And yes we should pray for animals, because extinction of one species, has a knock on effect on the whole ecosystem, and when God created the animals He was pleased with what He saw, because he said ‘It was good’ (Genesis 1: 21 &25). The bible states that a righteous person cares for the need of animals (Proverbs 12:10). I believe it’s possible to care for animals without being a vegetarian, but that’s just a whole new topic in itself.

Overall I hope this post has been inspiring for you all, and that each of you have taking something away from it. But bye for now, take care and God bless.


Love Christian lady after Gods own heart.

The mind and the battles we face.


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imageHey people,

Its been a while (I do apologize, life has been BUSY), but I do hope you’ve all been doing well.
I’d also like to give a shout out to my new readers, welcome to ‘the christian lady after Gods own heart’ blog, may you find insight and wisdom from my posts, and just generally know that you are not alone, and the experiences which you face, others have also faced. Our challenges/experiences can make us become the best of who we are called to be. You are not weak, you ARE strong.

So enough of my babbling, today I’ll be sharing a message on the MIND. So what is the mind??? ‘The mind is the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel, and is the faculty of consciousness and thought’. Sometimes I feel that people can underestimate the importance of the mind, until something goes horribly wrong. Being mentally sick doesn’t happen overnight, it is a process. Your mental health is just as significant as your physical health. We have the responsibility to look after our mind. Mental health is simply put as, a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional well-being. So we all have mental health, its just that some of us have good mental health (a healthy state of mind), whilst others may struggle with being mentally ill. I believe that most of the decisions, and choices we make in life require us to use are head rather than our physical heart.
The reason I’m writing on the mind today, is because I never knew how much the bible emphasized on it until recently. Whilst doing research I found that the Hebrew word for mind is ‘Lebab’, which can be used interchangeably with the words heart, inner man, and will. So then I decided to replace the word heart, with the word mind whenever I read scripture. In doing so, I found that the bible on multiple occasions encourages us to protect our mind. Proverbs 4:23 for starters ‘Guard your Mind (heart) at all costs’. This led me to start thinking why? The mind is a place the devil LOVES to attack, and I guess its a perfect place for him to assault since our minds are constantly being bombarded with thousands of thoughts per day. One of the ways the devil likes to hurt us is by putting tempting thoughts into our minds. I’d just like to clarify that yes, some ungodly thoughts come from the evil desires within us (James 1:14), but also the devil can tempt us. Being tempted is NOT a sin, but giving into, and committing ungodly actions is when a sin is committed. I mean even Jesus was tempted (Matthew 4:1-11), yet He never sinned (1 Peter 2:22). So don’t feel condemned when an ungodly thought comes into your mind, just don’t act on it. Always remember that you can’t prevent birds from flying over your head, but you can surly prevent them from building a nest on top of you. Its the same with thoughts. Continuing with temptation, when Jesus taught His disciples to pray, He told them to pray that they should not be lead into temptation. And this is of great importance because from this passage, we can see that temptation is something we should pray about daily. Because in the same chapter Christ says we should pray that God should give them this day their daily bread. This shows me that praying over my mind and for it, is something which I should be doing DAILY (Matthew 6:9-13).

My second point with regards to the importance of protecting the mind, is that when the bible speaks of putting on the FULL Armour of God, the mind is not left uncovered. We have the helmet of salvation come into play (Ephesians 6:17), which is the word of God. It is so important to know the truth, to clothe and soak your mind in the truth. And this truth is the word of God, and in that word you find the key to protecting your mind. It is your defense against the lies of Satan. So if the devil comes at you with ‘you are a failure’, you tell him ‘In Christ I’m more than conquerors’ . You must learn to get into the habit of silencing the enemy.

The final point which I have for you today, revolves around the bible verse which states, that David was a man after Gods own heart (Acts 13:22). I decided to view Acts 13:22 from a different angle, to how I’d previously been looking at it. I then asked myself the question ‘What does it mean to be an individual after Gods own mind’??? I looked into the life of David, and I could not help but notice, that a lot of the time he would consult God before he made a decision. Even though he was an experienced man of war, and had fought many battles, he would still seek God, to see if he should go to war or not (1 Samuel 30:8). So a way in which we can pursue to be individuals who want to understand God more, is by involving Him in every sphere of our lives. David also understood the necessity of holding onto Gods word, in his mind (heart). In the book of Psalms we see that David says that he will meditate upon Gods word, day and night. For example Psalm 119: 9 reads ‘How can a young man stay pure, by meditating on Gods word’ . So another way in which we can pursue Gods mind, and understand Him more, is by reading the bible. After all the bible is Gods own words (2 Peter 1:20-21) . I believe that the bible is Gods way of communicating His thoughts to us.

So I’d like to leave you with this, your mind is just as important as your physical health, and when your mind is sick it can affect your physical body. But you MUST remember, you have been given the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16)! Don’t let the devil bring you down. You are NOT unworthy, you are not unholy, for Christ makes all things new (2 Corinthians 5:17). You are forgiven, you are loved.

Love you all
Enjoy your week
Christian lady after Gods own heart

Dose Of The Word 1.4 (Knowing Yourself)


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Good day ladies (& gents who may be passing through). Imma try and hit you up with a short post today (yeah I know my version of short is kinda long, but I’m trying).


I believe that it is VITAL to know who you are, main reason being because if you don’t, other people will try, and tell you who you are. And I know a guy who loves to tell people how worthless they are, and his name is Satan. The devil LOVES to whisper words into our ears, which he desperately wants us to believe, that are contrary to what God has spoken about us. So as you can see another reason to know yourself, is so that you don’t believe the lies of the devil!


During this point of time I’d just like for you to understand that, it is not always wise for you to trust your own self, to guide you to ‘knowing yourself’. Emotions are a bit like a roller-coaster, one minute they’re up, and the next they’re down! In life we can go through stages where we are sooo hard on ourselves. And Gods probably like ‘My child I’ve forgiven you, I love you, let’s not dwindle in the past, there’s so much I’ve got planned for us to do together’. One minute we feel beautiful, and the next we can stare at ourselves in the mirror in disgust. So I’d like to encourage you to start listening to what God has to say about you! He’s words are full of life, grace and TRUTH!!


When we do not know ourselves, we can easily fall into the trap of trying to be like others. We may even try to live a life like our parents, or another family member! But God doesn’t want us to live in our mummy or daddy’s shadow! He wants us to live a great and fulfilling life, the great and fulfilling life which He died for us to have! Do not live an unsatisfactory life, comparing yourself to every Sarah, Katherine or Jessica (these are just purely random names off the top of my head!). I’d also like to highlight that when one does not know thyself, there is a very high tendency for one to fall into sins such as self-pity, resentment towards God, lack of faith in God, ungratefulness etc. This is why I really want to drum it in, that it is VITAL that you know who you are!


Now I always like to look at the life of Jesus for the best examples on how to live a godly life. And the Spirit revealed to me through bible reading, that many people tried telling Jesus who He was! Some said ‘He is JUST a carpenter’s son’ (Mark 6:3). But Jesus knew there was more to Himself, than being the son of a carpenter. Do not allow the word ‘just’ or ‘only’ prevent you from achieving greater things in life. There is so much more to you than you realise! Some said nothing good comes from Nazareth, which was where Jesus was from, yet Jesus didn’t let such comments crush His faith (1 John 1:44-46). Some said Jesus was just a prophet (Matthew 16:14), and that is exactly what the majority of people thought about Jesus. During Christs triumphal entry, many thought He’d help save them from the Roman Empire, but Christ knew there was SOOOO MUCH MORE to Himself than that! He could save these people from the power of death and the grave itself. He could give them eternal life, if they’d only believe. Some said He was Elijah (I can just imagine Jesus laughing of such comments), but He knew He was NOT Elijah! Because Elijah didn’t die for mankind, that was not his purpose. Christ knew who He was, and what He had to do! He came to die, so He could save mankind. If He didn’t know who He was, I doubt Christ would have been able to go to the cross, and fulfil His purpose.


If you want to know yourself, you have to know God. For the fear of God is the beginning of all wisdom! Aristotle a philosopher once said that ‘knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom’. I partly agree with his statement, but I believe such knowledge can only be obtained through God (Proverbs 9:10), by having a personal relationship with Him. So do not be afraid to ask God for guidance in life, the Holy Spirit is there to be our guide. Ask God about what the specific tasks are, which He has created for you to do. There are many people who go through a stage in life not knowing what their purpose in life is, I myself at one point didn’t know what I was called to do! So don’t fret, you are not alone. I just don’t want anyone out there reading this post, to be one of those people who die not knowing!


So never let the area where you were born, or brought up in, be the reason you don’t achieve greatness in life. Don’t think because your parents are not rich, or well off, that you can’t succeed. Don’t let the enemy convince you that you can’t make it in life because of your race, sex, height, weight, or background. It is so sad to see a few people in life use such statements, as excuses as to why they have never achieved anything. Jesus didn’t let such statements stop Him, and neither should you!!!


Just below I have placed a table which shows how common lies used by the enemy can be replaced with the truth of God!


Enjoy your day beautiful people

Love from the Christian lady after Gods own heart.

know yourself



Everyone will have to wait for something one day


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Hey people

Hope you’re all having a great, prosperous and blessed 2016!


So today I’ll be discussing about WAITING! I for one can tell you that I ABSOLUTELY do not enjoy waiting, I like things to come quick, in fact pretty much immediately! One thing I’ve noticed in life with regards to waiting seasons, is that it’s completely different from waiting in a queue. When standing in a queue you can see the end of the line, you can count how many people are in front of you before you reach the cashier. But when waiting upon God for a blessing you don’t know how the blessing will come through, and when it will happen. It could happen tomorrow, next week, in 6 months’ time, or you could even be waiting for 10 years. But one thing I want you to know is that God is faithful! Just rely and depend upon the fact that what God says, HAS to come to pass whether the devil likes it or not. God’s word can never return to Him void (Isaiah 55:11)! So when God promises you something, there is NOTHING any human being, or demon can do about it (Numbers 23:19)! They cannot stop God from working in YOUR life.


Firstly I’d like to encourage you that when waiting upon God you should do so patiently (Psalm 37:7). God’s grace is sufficient (2 Corinthians 12:9) for you and He’ll give you all the strength you need!


When waiting I want you to know that, you are not the only one on this planet who has had to wait upon God. Joseph waited 13 years before God placed him in a position of leadership in Egypt. Moses waited 40 years in the wilderness before leading the Israelites out of Egypt! Jesus Himself waited 30 years before starting His public ministry. I’m sure Jesus could have started preaching as soon as He came out of His mother’s womb, but I believe God is trying to show us that sometimes we need to wait!


During waiting periods you are able to improve your character, and your faith has the opportunity to grow. Endurance enables us to develop characteristics which will help us better handle the blessing/promises which God has assured us (Romans 5:3-4)! God requires us to wait at times (not always), because He knows that if He was to bless us immediately, we will not be able to handle our blessing appropriately. I’m sure that no stable parent would give their baby a knife. But when that child grows and is of age, you would probably feel confident with allowing them to use a knife to cut up some vegetables.


Waiting upon God doesn’t involve us doing things in our own strength, because when we do, we usually mess things up. For example when Sarah leaned on her own understanding, and gave her slave Hagar to Abraham as a wife. This was so that Hagar could have a baby for Abraham and Sarah! And even till today, we can still see the effects of this fleshly decision. The Jews and Arabs are at constant war with each other. But we thank God because He is merciful and gracious, He provided a way for Ishmael and Hagar, He cared for them in the wilderness! If you read up on the story of Abraham and Sarah, you will find that they waited 25 years for their promise child.


My last point is that sometimes God says NO. Check it, it’s there in the bible!! Sometimes we ask for things which will cause us harm, or things which will be a hindrance in our lives! I’m sure some of you may have heard the passage about Jesus casting out a legion of demons, from one man into some pigs (Luke 8:26-39)! Well this same man now delivered, asked to follow Jesus and His disciples! And guess what! Jesus said…No (Luke 8:39)! Now if he had followed Jesus, he wouldn’t have been able to preach the good news of Christ’s power all over town. He was like one of the first evangelists! We have to realise that Gods plans for our lives, are farrr better than our own. Gods plans for us are far beyond what our minds can conceive or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). Possibly if the man had followed Jesus he wouldn’t have been able to minister to people.


So my last note of encouragement to you today is, keep on trusting in God! He has a great plan for you, WAY BETTER than your own! So wait patiently upon God!


Take care people, enjoy your week!

Love from the godly lady!


Dose Of The Word 1:3 (God is truly into you!!!)


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Hey People,

The scripture which has been ministering to me over this week, has been Psalm 23:4. And I know many of you guys both Christian and non-Christian, may know this Psalm like the palm of your hand. But this time round when I was reading Psalm 23, it was like a penny dropped for me. Many individuals can say this passage word for word, and pray it out without missing a single sentence, but this is when it can become mechanical. Jesus warns us about this when he encourages Christians not to behave like other religions, by merely repeating the same words over and over again (Matthew 6:7). But anyway when I read Psalm 23:4, two things stood out for me in particular!

  1. God is my protector.


2. He is ALSO my comforter.

So often I find that we paint God as this all-powerful entity, who is completely distant, disinterested and uninvolved with His creation. Yes God can protect me from the attacks of Satan, but He also loves me. God wants to know want things are on my heart, things which can potentially weigh me down. God is not some kind of warrior who is incapable of being intimate. He created intimacy! God knows how to love, because He is LOVE.

I want you to know that, YES God is omnipotent, omniscient, strong, mighty, a protector and a defender, but He is also loving, caring, affectionate, passionate, always willing to listen. God wants you to talk with Him, God seriously desires to have a deep relationship with you. Several times in the bible we are shown scenarios of God telling the children of Israel to return to Him (Hosea 12:6, Joel 2:13, Zechariah 1:3, Lamentations 3:40, Nehemiah 1:9 and Malachi 3:7)! God loves us sooooooo much, and desires for us to turn to Him, and to be intimate with Him on a regular basis. Communication is key!

I want you guys to understand that there is nothing to small, or insignificant for you to pray about. Like seriously if it’s that pimple bothering you, acne zapping you of your joy, hair loss, a fall out with a friend, trust me GOD CARES! God cares about EVERY detail of your life (Psalm 37:23), so never feel like you shouldn’t pray about something. Not praying is exactly what the devil wants you to do. It doesn’t make you an immature Christian to pray about something which bothers YOUR mind. If buying an outfit which looks good, and modest is something which you find challenging to do, girl go ahead and pray your socks of. I even pray to God asking Him to help me find some of the items which I misplace, and He truly does work wonders.

If you sincerely see God as your comforter, confide in Him. Be transparent with your heavenly Father, pour out your heart to Him, so He can minister His comforting words to your body, soul and spirit! Finally I’d like to leave you with a scenario. As a parent, guardian, career, wife, friend or sibling, how would you feel if the one you loved, bottled up all their emotions and didn’t tell you? They didn’t tell you what was going on until it was almost too late? Or maybe it’s already too late? I’m sure one of the first things most of us would say is, ‘Why didn’t you tell me’. And I feel that these are probably the same words which God says, whenever we tell everybody BUT Him what is going on in our lives.

Anyways people enjoy your day and have a lovely evening.

Love from the Christian lady after Gods own heart.


PRAYER ALERT: Pray for Indonesia


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Hey people

How y’all doing??

I just wanted to pass on a quick message to all the intercessors out there, especially those of you who have a passion for praying for others around the world.  Basically the Spirit has impressed within my heart to pray for Indonesia, and I can honestly tell you that I don’t know much about the country. But what I can tell you is that, it’s the highest populated Islamic nation on the planet. For a while now God has just really been saying to me ‘pray, pray, pray’, ‘pray for Indonesia’. Also the word ‘revival’ resonates within me, and I believe that God has a great, and awesome plan for Indonesia. I don’t know the exact details of how God is going to move in Indonesia, but what I do know 100% is that God is faithful. He is faithful to His word!

To all the Christian out there already doing God’s work in Indonesia, I choose to stand with you in prayer. I may not be there in body but I believe that we are unified in Christ Jesus, and have the same purpose, to share the gospel. I pray that God will continue to strengthen, and encourage you. Even through tough times know that God is in control. Know that during these seasons, is when you will see the miraculous handiwork of our mighty God. Do not give up my Indonesian siblings, keep doing what you are doing.

And finally brethren (sorry if that sounds super geeky, or overly religious to you, I just love the word brethren, and really wanted to use it), I would just like to encourage you as Christians to pray for Indonesia, tell a friend to join you in prayer, or a cousin, or an aunt, or an uncle, basically tell every believer you know to do so. I say this because there is power in co-operate prayer, let us join hands together in unity, fighting against the powers of darkness who rule within the Indonesian territory. Jesus’s name WILL be lifted high in the land of Indonesia. Amen

P.S. Indonesians, remember that the Christian lady after Gods own heart, loves you all dearly. God has given me a sudden passion to love, and serve your country through prayer and fasting. I will continue to uplift you as a people, and your nation as a whole in prayer.

And to my fellow non-Indonesians, I ask of you to please help me get this message across to as many people as you can. This is so we can ALL pray for Indonesia as one body, regardless of race, cultural background, or denomination.

God bless you all

I love you guys (I seriously do, the love of Christ is just flowing through me, I’m soooo EXCITED. Whilst writing this post I’ve not been able to stop smiling).




Pray for the people

Dose Of The Word 1.2 (Joseph was Jesus parent too)


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In this post of dose of the word I’ll be discussing about a man named Joseph. Many of us acknowledge that Mary was the mother of Jesus, who conceived the Messiah when she was overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit. I have observed that many people praise Mary for being chosen to carry the Saviour! Some people even go as far as worshipping her, but what we must remember is that she is NOT equal to God, and she is NOT God! Therefore she should not be worshipped. I want to make it clear that I do not despise Mary. I believe that to have carried the Saviour inside your womb, must have been an AWESOME experience, I cannot deny that fact. But at the end of the day she was a SURROGATE MOTHER! A human being, just like you and I!


So I thought I’d do a bit of research into surrogacy, so I can give my fellow readers some insight on what surrogacy is, as well as educating myself lol. Unlike traditional surrogacy, gestational surrogacy is where an embryo created by IVF is inserted into the surrogate mother, resulting in the child being genetically unrelated to the surrogate mother. Which you could compare to the conception of Christ, as it was through the power of the Holy Spirit ALONE which resulted in the conception of the Messiah (Jesus conception could be likened to gestational surrogacy).


Now let’s take a look into the definition of the word surrogate. 1. A person appointed to act for another. 2. A person or animal that functions as a substitute for another, as in a social or family role. Now we have some definitions I’d like to relate it back to Christ’s parents! Mary was appointed by God to carry the Messiah in her womb, and Joseph was also appointed by God to care for the Messiah through parenting Him. The role of a surrogate is not gender specific, it is not a job only for females. God chose both Mary and Joseph to be Christ’s earthly parents. Because God in all His wisdom knows, that it is better for a child to be nurtured in a two parent family home. Families function better when there is unity. Brokenness is not an ideal place for a child to be brought up in.


I believe that Joseph was a man of good character. This could have been one of the reasons, why God had chosen him to care for Christ! I also feel that being of noble character plays a positive role in bringing up a child. Looking at scripture I can honestly say that Joseph truly had a virtuous heart. ‘Because Joseph her husband was faithful to the law, and yet did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly’ (Matthew 1:19). In this verse we see a man who does not want to put a woman through feelings of shame, which is exactly what would have happened to a woman caught in the act of sexual immorality. Obviously Joseph did not know at the time, that the child Mary was carrying was from God. The verse also says that Joseph was faithful to the law! For him to have known the law, means he would have known Gods word. And to know Gods word, Joseph would have had to hear/read Gods word. These are traits which are essential to raising a child in a godly manner!  I also see this act of not wanting to disgrace Mary, as very selfless! He wasn’t only thinking about himself here.


I can’t see many people acting like Joseph did, if they found out that their spouse was having an affair. I’m sure that many people would waste no time, in publicly disgracing someone who cheated on them. I mean we see people being named and shamed in the newspapers! But what I see in Joseph is humility and not pride, compassion and not cruelty! He wasn’t looking for an opportunity for his name to become known among the crowd, for catching out a woman found guilty of adultery. I say this because I remember there was a time where some people gained satisfaction from posting images of women, who they knew to be promiscuous on a Fb page called ‘expose the hoes’. Joseph wasn’t a spiteful person, and for him to have made such a decision in his day and age, was pretty unusual. I see Joseph as a loving and caring person because, during his time anyone caught in the act of adultery would have been put to death. He would rather have Mary live, than die! Although Mary never committed the act of adultery, Joseph’s attitude towards her reminds me of Gods attitude towards us. God never came to condemn the world but to save us from death (an eternity separated from the presence of God).


Another reason why Josephs role in Jesus life is significant is because, God revealed certain aspects of Jesus future to Joseph. As well as Mary being told to name her son Jesus by an angel, Joseph was also given these same instructions too. ‘But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins’ (Matthew 1:20-21)! God also instructed Joseph to flee Bethlehem with Mary and baby Jesus to Egypt, because of Herod’s decree (to kill young boys). When they had gone, an angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. “Get up,” he said, “take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. Stay there until I tell you, for Herod is going to search for the child to kill him. [Matthew 2:13]!  And later on God revealed to Joseph to go back to Israel, as Herod had died. ‘After Herod died, an angel of the Lord appeared in a dream to Joseph in Egypt 20 and said, Get up, take the child and his mother and go to the land of Israel, for those who were trying to take the child’s life are dead.  (Matthew 2:19).


So that’s just my take on the importance which Joseph played in the life of Christ. Yet again it’s always so fun and exciting to discover new things about the bible through research and meditation! I hope this post is a blessing to all who read! Yes the bible does say that Mary was a favoured woman (Luke 1:28), but I just want you to go away with the fact that God has NO FAVOURITES (Acts 10:34 & Romans 2:11) and He loves us ALL! (John 3:16)!


Take care and God bless people! Xxx

Love from

The godly lady after Gods own heart!

Dose Of The Word 1.1 (Proverbs 31)


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Yaaaay its bible study time. I don’t know about you, but I love to research on what I read in the bible. My first point of contact is to always ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to me what I don’t understand, rather than relying on man (pastor, bible study teacher or textbooks). This is not to say that what those in positions of authority have to say is not valid, after all God placed them in their positions for a reason. But I always think it’s best to ask God first, about questions you have regarding the bible, since His very own words are the bible.

I am very glad to say that writing up posts, further motivates me to study, and research on what I read in the bible. Because I use the bible as my main reference tool in my blog posts, I believe that it would be very wise for me to study about the holy book I love so dearly, and talk about so much. I’d just like to remind you that nobody holds the monopoly of truths and only God understands the bible in its entirety, and no man can. As God says in His word some things are hidden to man (Deuteronomy 29:29)!

So imma cut to the chase, daily dose of the word will be short posts about passages which I read in the bible, that minister to me in the particular season My posts will also include topics which I’ve had no previous knowledge on, until the Spirit of God chooses to reveal it to me through the bible. It’s always fascinating to observe that no matter how many times you read the bible, you will ALWAYS learn something new.

The topic which I will be discussing today is taken from Proverbs 31. I know you’ve probably heard so much about this passage, and how it relates to being a godly wife, but the last time I read it, I saw something different. Proverbs 31:16 ‘She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard’. Now I just want you to take on board, that this passage says out of her earnings, not her husbands.

I know it’s very common for us women to have a ‘husband list’, and one of the things on our list is ‘he gotta have money’, or ‘he has to be business minded’, or ‘he HAS to be the provider’ (Before you start throwing stones, I know that not ALL women may have such sentences on their list, but some of the women I’ve spoken to actually do).Now the major problem with the last statement is, that we are NOT to rely on man (Psalm 118:8). Man can fail us, but God will never fail us. Also saying that a man HAS to be the provider, puts a husband in a position which is meant for God. God is our provider, and in all circumstances we should trust that He will supply us with all we need.

Being a wife of noble character also involves being able to provide for your home through using the skills, and abilities which you have. I do not intend to promote the ‘I don’t need no man, I’m a woman who can do it all by myself’ attitude. What I’m trying to express is, that as a wife you also have a role to play in house provision, BUT what you must understand is that ultimately God is the one who provides. In life we face challenges, your husband may lose his job, you may lose your job, or the company you work for may reduce your wages because of government cuts. But because you are not dependent on your husband, but on God, you are able to stand upon Gods word which says ‘the Lord will provide (Yahweh Yireh)’ (Genesis 22:14).

So that’s my devotion on Proverbs 31:16, it’s always so fascinating to see how much you can take from one verse in the bible. I think it’s always nice to bring the focus back onto God when discussing scripture. Even though Proverbs 31 tells us what it mean to be a noble wife, I also learnt that I should solely be dependent upon God for my provisions.

So I hope you enjoyed reading the FIRST part of Dose of the word, and I pray that God continues to reveal Himself to you through His word.

Enjoy your day people

Love from the godly lady after Gods own heart!


Some of the joys of being single


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Hey people, how y’all doing??

Well I thought that I would write up a quick piece on the things which I enjoy doing as a young single woman. Firstly I’d just like to emphasise that I know, there’s soooo much work we can do for the kingdom of Christ as unmarried folk. But I also believe that marriage should not altogether stop us from doing God’s work. So whether married or not, there will always be work for you to do for the kingdom of God, until our Saviour returns. For the bible says ‘look around, for the fields are ripe for harvest’ (John 4:35).  With that said I would like to express that I intend to take a non-spiritual approach, in explaining to you the joys which I find in being ‘single’. Possibly in the near future I’ll write up some of the joys I have with being ‘single’, in relation to working for Gods kingdom.

So my list goes as follows

1)      I get to spend a lot of time with my sisters, and I will truly miss all the fun we have together. The slumber parties we throw in each other’s rooms, the snacks we share together at night in our beds, the jokes we have, laughing together and at each other, playing silly games, playing MONOPOLY for hourssss. This is something I will surely miss, and I know I will not be able to do as often when I become a married woman, by the grace of God.


2)      Just laying in my parent’s bed, and falling asleep whenever I feel like. Honestly I think there’s something extra special about parents’ bed.


3)      Watching TV series with my dad after work, and family movie nights on the weekend. So fun man.


4)      Catching jokes with my mum, usually laughing at how she can come out with saying the most funniest sentences.


5)      I enjoy having that sense of peace, which comes from having parents that know when I am upset, before I even tell them. I love to hear their sound, and encouraging advice.


6)      Ordering food home on the occasional weekend, or late night, when we are all too tired to cook. That’s when I truly appreciate the chicken n chip shop. I love me a good tasty chicken burger. And I love me some CHINESE food too.


7)      Going on a random family drive, with my parents and sisters.


8)      Going to my family’s favourite food restaurant on a special occasion.


9)      I enjoy having family prayer time, in the car, or in our living room.


So there you have it, my list on what I feel are the perks of being ‘single’. My list may seem insignificant to you, but as they say ‘it’s the little things that make life big’. I prefer to say ‘it’s the little things in life, which make a big difference’ lol.  My word of advice for us ‘singletons’ out there who desire to be married is, ENJOY this season. Mainly because you can never, EVER, get back the time you lose. The past belongs to the past, so be grateful, and appreciative of the time which God has blessed you with now. Use this time to build up great and godly memories, and confidently wait upon the Lord (Micah 7:7). For God in His sovereignty will bless you with your hearts desires (Psalm 37:4), according to the will He has for your life.

God bless people

Love from

The godly lady