Too close for comfort: Tailgaters you need to STOP.

Good day beautiful people I hope this post meets you and your family well?? I really felt the urge to share my encounter with you as I must say God REALLY came through for me. He helped calm me down and opened up my eyes to see the bigger picture. So I was on myContinue reading “Too close for comfort: Tailgaters you need to STOP.”

God why are you taking so long?

God why are you taking so long? I’m getting tired Actually I’m already tired   Tired of waiting The waiting has got my heart aching   Your word says hope delayed makes the heart sick I am sick My soul is sick   But Now I REALISE I simply need more of you My heartContinue reading “God why are you taking so long?”

Stop beating yourself down

Hey Beautiful people I just want to take the time to encourage you to STOP beating yourself up over missed opportunities. TRUST that the plans which God has for your life are GOOD. Learn to forgive yourself and stop grieving! Sometimes these missed doors of opportunities are actually counterfeit doors (doors which lead to destructionContinue reading “Stop beating yourself down”

Honouring God in the workforce

Hey people its been a while, but I’m back and I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas! So basically the main reason I decided to touch up on this subject is because recently I have passed through a tough season within my career, where I felt soooo frustrated with how things where going forContinue reading “Honouring God in the workforce”