Too close for comfort: Tailgaters you need to STOP.

Good day beautiful people I hope this post meets you and your family well?? I really felt the urge to share my encounter with you as I must say God REALLY came through for me. He helped calm me down and opened up my eyes to see the bigger picture. So I was on myContinue reading “Too close for comfort: Tailgaters you need to STOP.”

The power of art.

Good day beautiful people. Today I desire to share an amazing piece of art with you all. Seeing this painting placed within the hospital chapel at work was truly uplifting to see. Many individuals have been touched by this painting. I for one believe that the power of the gospel can be expressed through movementContinue reading “The power of art.”


Hi beautiful people Today I’ll be sharing a short piece of encouragement relating to emotional well-being, and I promise it’ll be short and sharp 😀. The mind battle is the greatest battle any human being will have to face. Life is all about decision making, and most people like to take their time when itContinue reading “Panic”

Don’t believe the lies.

Today I desire to remind everyone of the importance of getting to know God for oneself in order to avoid being disappointed/deceived! Sadly there are SO many false teachers around which makes it extremely difficult for individuals to differentiate between truths and lies! Matthew 24:9-11 ~ Then you will be arrested, persecuted, and killed. YouContinue reading “Don’t believe the lies.”